👋🏾 Hey, I'm Justin!

I help visionaries with launching their visions.

Passionate // Purposeful

Imagine a world where visionaries everywhere are passionately tackling impossible obstacles to make positive changes in our world. Today, there is an unprecedented number of people who have no idea how or why they need to find their passion.

How will they tackle obstacles which seem impossible if they do not know what they love? Passion fuels our ability to make impossible visions possible and is one of the most important parts of being a visionary leader.

My passion lies at the intersection of education, technology, and health. I enjoy meeting new people, spearheading communities, documenting unique experiences, tracking my life, wrestling, designing websites, producing videos, supporting human rights, and playing with latest tech gadgets.  

I was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. Currently, I live, breath, explore and film in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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