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    this is dedicated to all who tackle obstacles which seem impossible. bend the rules. challenge the status quo. and make positive changes in our world. the ones who learn from experiences. share their experiences. and do the best work of their lives while helping others do the same. this is for visionaries who are just like me and you.

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  • visionaries: the secret service

    i hear you have what it takes to join a global intelligence agency. kudos to you for having a vision to make positive changes in the world. to join visionaries: the secret service agency, you first have to invest in yourself. a level 4 clearance badge or higher is required. you will only fail at launching your visions half a dozen times, nothing to worry about. don't stop! continue...

  • who am i and what's my story? 📖

    Hey there! I'm justin. I was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. Once I was seven years old. I had this dream of working in an office building. Just like the ones ordinary people would travel to every morning, but I was to young to legally get a job.

    Most kids start a lemonade stand to make some cash on the front lawn; however, I did not like the idea of a stand.

    I thought differently.

    I called my grandpa and asked:

    "Can you build me a box that is big enough for me to walk inside of and sell Kool Aid out of?"


    It was the best thing between the office building which I dreamed of working in and your typical lemonade stand. My grandpa inspired me long before Steve Jobs or Bill Gates did by supporting my curiosity for entrepreneurship when i did not know the meaning of an entrepreneur.

    I learned more about entrepreneurship, multimedia design and leadership outside of the classroom environment by operating the Kool Shack. I was fortunate. The kool shack sparked my passion for education and technology.


    Today young people often have a hard time identifying their passions and adults have a hard time taking visions by young visionaries seriously. There is an unprecedented number of teens who have no idea how or why they need to find their passion. Imagine a world where young people everywhere are passionately tackling seemingly impossible obstacles to make positive changes around the world.


    I enjoy helping teens identify their passions and become visionary leaders. That is why i have dedicated my life to building an army of visionaries committed to tackling "impossible" obstacles. I have delivered inspirational seminars at the National BDPA Conference, North Carolina State Chief Information Officer Conference, many high schools including North Carolina School of Science and Math, and other venues.


    I'm an inspirer. A content creator. And a changemaker. I heart videography. I help teens launch their dreams and assist parents with understanding their teens. When I am not visualizing the future, I enjoy wrestling, designing websites, producing short films, and supporting human rights.


    Currently, i live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am helping build an alternative college for aspiring software engineers and directing the most visionary intelligence agency on planet earth. → Become a visionary agent.

    I keep an open line of communication with all visionaries. Human beings like you inspire me. Don't stop... Continue!


    ✍🏾 write me 👇🏾 bestalways@envisionwithjustin.com

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    visualize a world in which you do what you love and love what you do


    while i have several visionary ventures i'm working on, there are only a few that i announce publicly.​

    • 2016 visionaries: the secret service #visionaryislife 
    • 2017 meet vision - your personal visionary life coach
    • 2018 organizing the information and jobs of the future
    • 2019 helping teens with launching their dreams
    • 2020 scaling all things visionary into a multi-billion dollar empire of positive impact​ 

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